Fees for TIme of Service Payment (non-Insurance) 


$125  Initial Assessment and Deluxe Acupuncture Treatment

$100  Follow up Deluxe Acupuncture - Includes up to 2 sets of needles 

moxa, guasha, cupping, aromatherapy  and massage, as needed.

$75 Simple Follow up Acupuncture

+$25   Additional time or procedures as  warranted

Fees listed above are for those paying at time of service.   When needed for better treatment results, supplemental Chinese herbs may cost from $10 to $20 each approximately for a two week supply.

                                                MASSAGE  MENU

Swedish Massage with Attitude

Enjoy either a sixty or ninety minute treatment of pure bliss.  Each massage is customized to treat each client's individual needs with specific work of a deep tissue massage and the relaxation of a Swedish massage.  Sessions can include specific stretching techniques, hot and cold contrast treatments, and myofascial release.

60 Minutes for $75.00   90 Minutes for $100.00

Shiatsu Massage

Enjoy the ancient art of finger pressure massage that influences Qi flow through the energy meridian lines of the body.  It is meditation through massage and gives you a deeper sense of relaxation and relief.

60 Minutes for $75.00    90 Minutes for $100.00

Thai Foot Massage

Increase mobility and reduce foot pain with this fabulous foot treatment.  Each treatment involves foot reflexology work as well as relieving tired feet.  Increase your relaxation with a custom foot scrub and hot towel treatment.

45 Minute for $50.00

Ko Bi Do Japanese Facial Massage

Revitalize and rejuvenate your face with this treatment.  Feel like an Empress of Japan with this speciality massage technique to enhance youthful and beautiful skin.  Each session includes specific uplifting massage techniques followed with a hot stone massage.  A sixty minute session includes a neck and shoulder massage.

60 Minute for $75.00

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