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Randy Weinreb LMT LAc. has been practicing acupuncture and Chinese Medicine since 1991. He is a graduate of The Oregon College of Oriental Medicine, the first Chinese Medical college in Oregon. Additionally, Randy is Nationally Certified by NCCAOM.   Randy is also a licensed massage therapist (LMT) and brings a large volume of bodywork knowledge to his treatments. For the past 24 years,  Randy has treated a large array of acute and chronic disorders. He enjoys the challenge of discovering how Chinese Medicine can help each person on their healing path.


“I came to Randy with almost 14 years of constant 24/7 pain under my belt.  My luck with Doctors wasn’t the best so as time wen ton I became more open to alternative ways of treating my pain.  I am happy with Randy because most importantly, he is empathetic and I don’t think you can help someone if you don’t understand what they are going through.  I like the patience that Randy shows and the fact that my well being is more important than watch the clock.  Randy’s wife Carol is a licensed massage therapist and somethings they will work in tandem if that’s what is needed.  I would strongly recommend Randy especially if you feel you are at the end of your rope and nothing seems to have worked.”  Barry  G.  Feb 2012

Living in Central Oregon with bad allergies to Juniper and Pine was destroying my life, but Randy's fine skill and kind, gentle approach has made all the difference!  I no longer live on drugs and an inhaler.  Randy is Wonderful!   --P Sulliivan

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